Please find below an overview of my past activities :

System design and analysis

Development of fiber optics and fiber interferometry

  • Development of nanometer optical metrology systems using:
    • Single-mode metrology
    • Few-mode metrology
    • Integrated optics
    • Electro-optic modulators

Optical design

The image shows the optical design of the fiber coupler units. The GRAVITY instrument contains four fiber coupler units, which acquire and stabilize the beams of the four VLT telescopes. Each fiber coupler splits the field-of-view and couples the light into two single-mode fibers, which feed the two interferometer channels of the GRAVITY instrument. The unit’s complex design provides pupil, field and piston stabilization in a very compact volume (12 reflections in a box of 30x50x50cm) at cryogenic temperatures.

Fancy optics

The „beam analyser“ is a sophisticated prism and lens assembly, which allows to view and monitor four telescopes on a single HAWAII detector. The assembly comprises multiple optical functions and coatings including a pupil viewer, a field viewer, a Shack-Hartmann lenslet and a magnified pupil tracker.

Optical tolerancing and component verification

Subsystem integration

Instrument assembly and testing

Assembly and integration at the observatory

First light of GRAVITY, Nov. 2015